Friday, 19 October 2018

Big News - Hello Puppies

Hello everyone, we are sorry for the absence on the blog but there has been a reason.... well 6 little reasons!

Five weeks ago Honey welcomed 6 tiny bundles of joys into the world! Five boys and one special little girl are now apart of our family. Honey has been a fantastic mother, extremely attentive to her puppies needs, a born natural which is one less thing for me to worry about.

Our journey to puppyhood was a long process, we spent a year deciding all the ins and outs as we wanted the perfect match. Breeding is something that shouldn't be taken lightly and definitely not rushed. Our male stud dog was an easy decision, my dad an established Gundog trainer and breeder with over 35 years experience had a selection of potential males. After looking at all three we chose the gorgeous buddy.  With a clean bill of health, a fab pedigree and the sweetest nature, I knew that he would be the perfect father to our future puppies.

Honey had a smooth pregnancy on day 62 of her pregnancy she went into labour. We only knew she was starting one hour before the first puppy arrived. She had some small contractions but other than that there were no other signs that day.  Most dogs will display some form of behaviour may it be going off food or just behaving in a more unnatural way. However, there are dogs like Honey that show no signs which means the only time you know is pretty much close to the first puppy being delivered.

When Daisy had her puppies it was textbook she went off food and her behaviour changed. Honey was acting normal, so normal that she even devoured a huge bowl of food two hours before the first puppy was born.

The deliveries were pretty straightforward the first puppy was the trickiest he was born breech and needed help, the rest followed easily. The whole delivery process from the first puppy to the last puppy was 10 hours.  I spent the whole night on my living room floor as Honey would call me everytime I left the room. So I spent the night binging on Netflix, with a blanket on the floor and my hand inside the whelping box comforting Honey.

Honey's first week as a mum has been absolutely perfect, she is so attentive to her puppies needs and is producing milk like a pro. I can see that these tiny little pups are going to become little chunky monkeys over the need couple of weeks.  We can't wait to see them grow! 


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