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Photography Q&A

Since starting Honey's account I have had so many questions on how I take her photos and what are my tips and tricks into getting Honey to stay and "look" at the camera. 

Disclaimer- I am not a professional, I don't even know how to use half of my camera settings. I'm more of your have fiddle with the settings take a photo and see if I like it kinda girl! 

Photography has become a major hobby/passion for me. Being creative is a huge outlet for me, it's therapy, and I love that you can capture a moment that can be cherished forever. 

Which leads me on to today's post, I want to share the most common questions asked about my photography. 

What is your photography routine? 

I don't really have a routine, I'm a busy mum of two small children so time can be limited for me. But the one routine I have when wanting to take photos is to walk the girls first. I find both girls listen more after they have been walked/exercised. If I want to take photos whilst we are out on a walk then I let the first half of the walk be all fun and games and then spend the other half taking photos. I always make taking photos an enjoyable experience and when the girls show any signs of being unhappy we stop.

 What high-value treats/rewards do you use?  

  It's not always easy getting your dogs attention, especially if they are more interested in their surrounding.  Honey is a perfect example of this so I have trained her to  "Look at Me"  She knows when I ask she must meet eye contact. Which is perfect for that looking down the camera lens look.

Other ways to grab your dog's attention are things such as using a squeaker from a toy or a whistle. However, my personal favourite is using a sound effect remote to play - these can be found online click here for an example. You can get so many different ones, my reason for using this is because it always gives Honey a slightly raised ear which looks so pretty in photos.

And lastly, the golden ticket high-value reward treats, the girls will do anything for chicken! 

 How long do you spend taking photos? 

I don't spend hours taking photos, dogs become extremely bored and you want to make the experience enjoyable. I always go between 10-20 minutes depending on Honey's mood that day.
My priority is always Honey so if I see her showing signs of distress or anything we stop.

 Do your dogs have to have any special training?

Good training is always useful when wanting to take photos. Simple training can easily direct and guide your dog into the next pose. Honey has a few helpful commands, as I mentioned above "Look at Me" is her main command but we do also use basic training commands such a "Sit," "Down" and "Wait".

 What is your favourite tip/trick for taking photos?

Be in the moment, and don't be afraid to get on the floor if you have too! Taking photos at eye level gives your audience an intimate feeling, they feel apart of that moment and the interaction is greater.   I frequently end up laying down in mud to get that perfect shot.  Anything for the gram! 

 What would be your best advice to some just starting out?

 The one thing I have learnt from my 6 years of blogging and using Instagram is that it's always better to be yourself and it's the same for photography. Trying to copy other peoples work never feels natural or authentic, take the photos you like and love and others will too! There is no right or wrong way to take a photo! 

Also, don't forget to move any major clutter from the background as this will distract your audience from looking at your dog. 

Do you have a theme?

Nope, I don't hold myself to a theme because there is no right and wrong with photography, I find sticking to a theme really restricts me and  I like to experiment when it comes to my editing.

What camera and lenses do you use? 

At the moment I am soling using my Nikon D5300, lens wise I am using two the first is my kit lens and the second is a 50mm f/1.8 D lens.

I hope you have enjoyed my Q & A if you'd like to see more of this style of post leave us a comment in the comment box below.  


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