Monday, 9 April 2018

Honey & Daisy Try Meatiful Dog Food

It's really important that the girls are fed a well balanced, age-appropriate diet to ensure a healthy wellbeing. I favour food that is kind on the digestive system, yet at the same time providing them with the relevant nutrients. The last thing I want is to feed the girls a diet of unnecessary chemicals, additives and preservatives.

Recently we were contacted by Meatiful, a company that provides complete single source dog food. 
For those that may want to ask what is single source dog food? It simply means that there is only one source of meat in each product. A lot of wet dog food can contain a mixture of meats but if your dog has food allergies for example then this becomes very limiting on the food that can be given. Single sourced dog food is also much kinder on your dog's digestive system in comparison to other wet food brands.

Meatiful makes sure that all of their customers are able to enjoy at least one flavour from their range be this; Scottish Salmon, Farm Reared Duck or Free Range Chicken. 

Each product is packaged and designed in the form of a sausage which I think is brilliant, I did find the packaging design extremely appealing and would find myself stopping to discover the beauty of Meatiful from this alone.  If you read my other blog you will know I love my storage and being able to keep everything in its own place and I have found it super easy to store our box of Meatiful. 


Upon looking at the extremely small ingredients list I was so pleased to see that all of Meatifuls products have 81% of pure fresh meat, 6% brown rice and 13% of essential vitamins and Minerals. 
vitamins such as vitamin A and D, calcium iodate and zinc sulphate monohydrate which are all need for healthy skin and eyes as well as for growth and repair in and around the body. 
As a paw parent, I was extremely happy to see such a small ingredients list and none of the horrible chemicals and additives that I have seen in the past on certain wet dog food. 

As well as containing 81% of fresh meat Meatiful is also gluten-free and hypoallergenic, with more and more dogs suffering from gluten issues Meatiful is a perfect choice for feeding. 

The Taste Test 

Now, this is probably the most important part of the whole review, what did the girls think? 
From the start of this review, the girls were already interested in the contents of the box, I can safely say their noses were in the box as soon as I opened it, definitely a good sign! Honey decided very quickly that she was going to attempt to open the chicken one first with or without my help! 

I decided to set up a tasting testing for each girl giving them a small amount in a dish to try, within second the girls had managed to completely demolish the food on their plates and even attempted seconds. 

Over the last two weeks the girls have been fed only Meatiful products, we started off by introducing the food slowly to their dry cold pressure dog food and as the days went by decreased the dry whilst increasing the wet food. 
I have to say everything went smoothly, the girls have adjusted extremely well to their new food and as the one who is preparing their meals I can say how pleasantly surprised I was that there wasn't that overpowering tin can dog food smell!

One sausage retails at £2.99 for 720g. For some, this may be deemed costly, but I would personally prefer to pay £2.99 for a high-quality product, having confidence in the quality of Meatiful products. Like Humans, our pooches deserves to have a quality meal. I cant recommend Meatiful products high enough!


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