Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Our 2018 Bucket List

Well, 2017 went a bit quick! we have had a lovely year, we started our Instagram page and then at the end of the year we started our blog! I would have loved to of post more but since October I have been out of action with a bad back and seriously painful trap nerve in my leg. Whilst I'm still suffering the pain is getting better and I'm hoping in a couple of months to be pain-free!  

This year I have decided to make a bit of a bucket/goal list and hopefully Honey, Daisy and myself will be able to tick most of them off our list. 

1. Take the pups for a weekend in Dorset  
2. Go to Crufts 
 3. Photoshoot at the Cotswold Lavender farm 
4. Visit 6 places in the Cotswolds that we have never been to
5. Take Honey to swim in the sea
6. Go to the Game Fair 
7. Teach Honey a new Trick- would love to master sitting pretty! 
8. Take lots of photos
9. Holiday in Devon or Cornwall 
10. Have a puppy party for Honey's birthday 
11. Have a go at agility I think Honey would love it!
12. Attend the Royal Three Counties Show 
13. Have a keepsake made for both girls.
14. Improve my photography
15.  Have Honey registered as a therapy dog
16. Meet new friends
17. Work as a brand ambassador 
18. Get to 10k on Instagram 
19. Take Honey to London 
20. Feature in a magazine or newspaper. 

Well, there you have it our goals/bucket list for the year 2018. There is so much more we could add but will save them for throughout the year. I wanted to have a mix of fun goals to make memories with and then a couple blogging goals for inspiration and motivation!

Whats on your bucket list this year? 

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