Sunday, 5 November 2017

Meet The Family

Today's post is all about the family behind the blog. They say it takes a small village to raise a child and we've figured it takes a whole family to run a blog or two! 
Every member of our family has some contribution to this blog or my other blog Andrea Louise. 
So I thought it was only appropriate to introduce our family as they are all bound to pop up every now and then. 


That's me, the creator of both Andrea Louise and The Cotswold Sprocker as well as mother to two beautiful boys, Alfie and Archie. 
Blogging is something that has been a form of therapy and enjoyment for me. I first started off as a parent blogger and slowly over the last  4 years, I have revamped into a family lifestyle blogger and now a pet blogger. 

I love being creative and my blogs are an outlet for me to do so from crafting, cooking and baking to photography and videography and everything else in-between. 


That's my partner Liam, he is at work most of the time but when he is home he is hands-on helping me with ideas for my blogs, helping to take photos and videos as well as being the best babysitter in the world! Without him, I wouldn't be able to do what I love. 

Alfie and Archie 

Alfie is our eldest at 7 years old he is a fabulous help and great for modelling on the blogs.
Alfie love Minecraft and Youtube and plans on becoming a Youtuber when he grows up!

Archie will be turning 4 this year, he loves to help out on walks and you can always rely on him for handing out the treats. Nicknamed the Treats Man both Honey and Daisy know he the one for the goods! Archie is a major Disney fan like his mum, his favourite film is Cars. Our home is bursting with Lightning Mcqueen toys everywhere!


Our first fur child, Daisy came into our lives 8 years ago. She is the biggest personality in the house, major little dog syndrome! Daisy is always letting Honey know where she stands or where she can sleep! Unfortunately a couple years ago Daisy needed an over the night stay at our local vet's, from then on she has been very fearful of strangers. After the incident, we quickly changed our vets!

However, to the people, she knows she is the most loving little girl, to everyone else though she is very much Jekyll and Hyde.


The reason for The Cotswold Sprocker, Honey is a very special girl she has helped me so much in the last 18 months from dealing with anxiety and the stress after having our home broken into to the joys of just having a dog in the house. Honey is extremely different to Daisy, she will play for hours on end, she loves to go on long walks and at the end of the day, she loves nothing more than to snuggle up on the sofa.  She extremely scatterbrains and always disappearing once off the lead but she gives us so much love and enjoyment we couldn't imagine our lives without her. 

The Piggies 

The girls share their home with our three guinea pigs Elsa, Duchess and Maui ( big Disney fans if you haven't noticed). The piggies can often be found chilling out in the garden eating their weight in hay, fruit and veggies. 

The Chooks 

Our three girls Fat Brenda, Glenda and Lilly they are our source of eggs in the morning and the perfect babysitters for Honey. 
Honey loves watching the girls around the garden and as long as they are out Honey won't budge.

Aunty Steph with Sarra and Bobby 

The last members of the family is my twin sister Stephanie and her two rescue dogs Sarra the Romanian Jack Russell cross and Bobby the rescued tri-coloured Collie.

Honey often pops into work with Stephanie to volunteer as an ultrasound dog, we also try to plan as many play dates with the pups as possible especially now they all like each other a bit more! 

Sarra is on Instagram too under @sarratheultrasounddog don't forget to pop over and say hi to her too! 

I hoped you enjoyed meeting the family don't forget you can follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with our fur family life.


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