Sunday, 12 November 2017

Changing to Guru - Cold Pressed Dog Food

A dogs diet is extremely important but do you know what you're actually feeding them?
Until recently, I had always stuck to one particular brand of dog food. I trusted that they were providing my dogs with the best possible food. When I really looked into it all it was doing was providing my dogs with unnecessary chemicals, additives and preservatives. 

This year at BBC's Country File Live I encountered Guru Pet food. It was such a pleasure to discover a brand passionate about their products and loves dogs just as much as I do. 
The ladies on the stand were extremely helpful and I even took a sample pack home for the girls to try as well as some tasty trip bones.

About Guru cold press

Guru was founded by couple Lisa and Andrew after failing to find a natural alternative to extruded dog food. They wanted a product that was as close to natural as possible without the hours of prep it took to home make their dog's food. 
After many months of hard work and research, they stumbled across cold pressing and Guru was born! 

   Guru produces high-quality dog food using only the most natural ingredients, broccoli, beef, fish, rosemary and linseed oil are just some of the key ingredients used in their food. Cold pressing the ingredients keep them as fresh as possible, retaining more of the vitamins and minerals compared to your standard dog food brands that use a method of extrusion.

Extrusion is a process of cooking at high temperature, whilst this is a cheaper way to produce food the quality isn't as high as cold press. Many vitamins and minerals are lost and denaturalised therefore a large quantity of food is needed to be fed. 

The benefits of feeding Guru are.....

- Strengthening of the immune system 
- No additives or preservatives 
- Improvement of skin and coat
-Gluten free 
-Reduce stool odour 
-Freshen breath 
-Free from animal testing

Changing to Guru pet food

Changing your dog on to Guru is extremely easy all you have to do is gradually increase Guru's food and decrease your old food.  Below are the steps I took when changing both of the girls' food. 

Both of our girls are big Guru fans, Daisy our Chihuahua is a fusspot and prefers wet or home-cooked food to dry biscuits but she is now a big fan of Guru. We also have the option to add water to make it a porridge for her too which she really likes.

Honey is a bottomless pit, I had no worries when changing her food, we also like to take a handful when out on walks for training and general rewarding. 

It has been an eye opener changing the girls feed, I know we have made the best decision choosing Guru.  

* This post is not sponsored by Guru in any way shape or form, all thoughts and work are my own unless otherwise stated. 

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